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Who we are

We are a family butchers who provide high quality meat to our customers using traditional butcher methods but with a refreshing approach to customer service.

Our meat is aged on the bone and delivered to the customer exactly how they like it, fresh, local and great value. Hence our strapline ‘Quality, local meat, delivered to your doorstep’.

Why Choose Us

Farm to fork

We have great relationships with local farmers to ensure the food miles are kept to an absolute minimum. We only buy from farmers who we trust and as a result we are very proud of the high quality products we sell.

Free local delivery

Unlike the supermarkets, we don’t charge to have your order delivered!

Happy to talk

Whether it’s by phone, email or carrier pigeon, you can always contact us to talk through your order,ask a question or even as some people have done, ask for a particular cut that you have seen whilston holiday. We can also offer advice for the most suitable cut for a particular recipe.

Service with a smile!

One of the best things about being an independent butcher is getting to know my customers; you won’t find any self-service machines here!