About Me

I am Ben Smallridge, the owner of of Ludbrook Butchers.

I like to deliver a personal approach to butchery. Having worked at a local butchers for 4 years, it was clear to see that many people don’t enjoy shopping for meat in a butchery environment. I’ve seen customers who became flustered when asked what they would like to buy, customers who were surprised when they had spent more than they were hoping and customers who went home with something different to what they had planned, purely because they felt pressure when buying the meat and maybe didn’t understand what they were buying. I could clearly see why some people therefore find it easier to shop at a supermarket, ok the quality is not as good but they can buy meat without pressure and know what it will cost at the end of it. This should not happen! The different between locally sourced meat that has been hung well, butchered the correct way and meat from a supermarket is huge, it is only when you compare the two that you actually realise the difference. Most of the time, the price isn’t too different either! It is the clever marketing people that supermarkets use who give you less meat (but make it look like a lot, or for example labelling an obviously small chicken as ‘large’) that makes it look like a good deal but in effect, they are selling you poor quality meat at a high price.

This annoys me! I have been running Ludbrook Butchers for over a year now and I have been very well supported by my customers, who appreciate the personal approach and the quality of meat without breaking the bank. I encourage my customers to give me a ring, email or text if they have a question about the meat or if they are not sure what to order. I will always try and give an indication of cost so there are no nasty surprises when they come to pay! I would like to thank everyone who has supported me so far, my customer base keeps growing and it is always nice when people stop me in the street to pay my business a compliment, it makes it all worthwhile!

I am a delivery-only butchers, to keep down overheads and to enable me to give my customers high quality meat with great value for money. I have a loyal number of customers from London to whom I send meat parcels every month, I had the pleasure of meeting a few of them in July and they made me feel like a rock star, a very strange feeling for an independent butcher from south Devon!

Please feel free to browse my new website, as always don’t be afraid to contact me if you have any questions or just for a butchery chat!

What makes Ludbrook Butchers Different?

Call me, text me, email me, I want my customers to be 100% sure and happy with what they are buying, paying for and getting. That way, hopefully my customers will keep coming back and I can continue to grow and provide more local quality meat from the heart of Devon. All meat that is supplied by Ludbrook Butchers has been looked after, hung well and cut to the customers’ requirements!

Ben Smallridge