Featured: The Walters family

The Walters family have been rearing turkeys at Scobbiscombe Farm, near Modbury since 2000.

They pride themselves on producing the finest quality free-range Christmas turkeys under the highest welfare conditions. The turkeys are specially bred to grow slowly and produce the best tasting Christmas dinner

They are fed on a proprietary turkey food which is supplemented with home−grown cereals from 10 weeks of age. They also love to peck at potatoes and the odd turnip!

They live until approximately 23 weeks of age. This is twice the age that many supermarket turkeys will live and almost 4 times the age of many supermarket chickens. We feel that this is beneficial for several reasons:

Firstly they can be grown slowly so that their bodies are not under great stresses to grow rapidly.

Secondly we can give them a comfortable and enriched life.

Thirdly they reach a greater level of maturity, meaning more marbling of the meat and better taste.