Our meat is sourced from local farmers and the best possible suppliers to ensure the quality is always very high.

Our beef, pork and lamb is supplied by local farmers who we work very closely with to ensure the highest welfare standards for the animals. We work with farmers we know and trust, please see the ‘bios’ section to meet the farmers!

We also have a very good working relationship with Philip Warren Butchers based in Launceston. They have a very good reputation and like ourselves, strongly believe in providing the highest quality meat from local sources. All our sausages are handmade and our bacon dry cured by Philip Warren Butchers, they have a great range and we are proud to be associated with them.


Our beef is sourced from our own farm in Ludbrook, in the heart of South Devon. The beef is hung for 25 days before it is cut to the customers’ requirements. Whether it is succulent roasting joints or delicious, juicy steaks, you will find our beef tasty, tender and perfect for every occasion.


Jim Winzer rears the lambs at his farm near Modbury, they are very well looked after and roam the rolling hills where they are reared naturally in a stress free environment. For a special roast leg of lamb or slow cooked shoulder, Devonshire lamb provides a delicious treat for that special occasion! Whole or half lambs are available upon


The pork is reared at my cousins family farm near Kingsbridge, the animals spend their whole lives on the farm and are given plenty of room to roam! Particularly popular during BBQ season, pork is surprisingly versatile and is a very good option for those who are looking to get more for their money.


All of our poultry comes from local farms in Devon, the chickens, ducks and turkeys are all reared to the highest welfare standards, without any nasty growth hormones or added water. More specifically our Christmas turkeys are reared at Scobbiscombe Farm, near Modbury by the Walters family. They are extremely popular at Christmas time so it’s always important to order early!